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Why Does your Basement Leak?

January 10, 2011

The primary cause of water seepage in homes is called Hydrostatic water pressure. Water is heavy; it weighs 8.34 lbs per gallon. When it rains the ground around your house becomes saturated with water. At times this can mean hundreds of thousands of gallons of water. This water saturation has weight and it exerts a force against the foundation of your home. This force is called hydrostatic water pressure. (Example: water saturation at a depth of 6 feet next to your foundation will exert over 16 lbs per square inch of pressure where your foundation wall and floor meet.) If this force comes in contact with a seam or weak point in the foundation water seepage can occur.

The primary weak point in a home is called the cold joint. A cold joint is where different pours or types of concrete meet. When most homes are constructed the builder pours a footing. (This supports the weight of the wall) Then the contractor builds a wall on top of the footing. Finally the builder pours a 4 inch thick basement floor which lies on top of the footing and runs all the way to the wall. The seam in between each of these construction techniques is called a cold joint.

You cannot create a barrier to prevent hydrostatic water pressure from entering a home; there is simply too much pressure. The only way to guarantee your basement stays dry is to control the water in a way that does not create pressure.

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Are you looking to buy wholesale properties or invest your hard-earned money?

July 12, 2010

LiveWell Investments LLC has the experience, know-how, and infra-structure to offer you with great opportunities in your real estate investment endeavors, whether you need a new rehab project to work on or an alternative to investing your money.

Please call us today at 309-573-3691 if you’d like to learn more about the options that we offer.


July 9, 2010

LiveWell Investments Property Management prides itself for being able to customize our services to the needs of our individual property owners.  We are dedicated to our clients and making our client’s profitable therefore will never charge for units that are not rented out.  Our monthly management services is inclusive of all cost, which consist of (but are not limited to), marketing your property, screening potential tenants, On-site evaluations and inspections, 24 hour maintenance and repair services, online rent collection, working with clients during legal issues, and professional reporting.  Let us know if you have any special requests that are not listed, as we would be happy to accommodate.

LiveWell Investments, LLC is capable of providing you with expertise in all areas of management. Our company specializes in residential, condominium, townhome, homeowner association, and commercial management.


Integrative marketing of your property is a standard at LiveWell Investments Property Management. In today’s world the internet is the fastest, most effective and economical way to advertise.  We have many cost effective ways to ensure your property does not sit vacant for long periods of time.  Additionally, we never charge for rental units that are not generating income for our clients.   

While advertising costs are paid for by the property owner, our offices would be happy to create a unique ad for your property or assist you by making suggestions or recommendations for your own advertising. Additionally, we will place all listings on our website to help generate traffic to the property. 


A member of LiveWell Investments Property Management’s knowledgeable staff will meet you at your property to do a free, on site rental evaluation. Providing you with an assessment of what you can expect in rent for your property. While viewing the property, we will happily provide suggestions about how you might improve the marketability of the property or increase its rental value. Our agents will also answer questions and address any concerns with you or your tenants so as to provide a smooth transition for the both of you.

If you already have a tenant living in your unit, our offices will make in house inspections to verify condition of the unit, look for lease violations and spot needed or potential repairs. Inspections are typically scheduled for every 6 months to 1 year, but more frequent inspections can be scheduled, at your request.

Having our offices drive past your properties on a regular basis will also help to set your mind at ease. Should problems or violations be noticed we will act immediately by placing a violation tag on the door knob and scheduling a follow up to ensure items of note were remedied.


Unlike almost all other property management businesses, we use only 3rd party contractors and servicemen who provide us with fast and excellent service at rock bottom cost.  It is important to know that Landlords can be assured that they are only going to be billed for necessary work as LiveWell Investments Property Management does not make one cent from any repairs.

Additionally, LiveWell Investments Property Management will never make a non-emergency repair that costs over $100.00 (or your pre-approved amount) without getting your approval first.  No more surprises on your monthly statement.

Furthermore, if you already have a handyman or a preferred service provide we will be glad to work with them in the interest of making your business profitable. 

In the event that an emergency does happen, our answering system provides options for emergency contact of our agents. That means that no matter what time of the day or night, our offices are working to protect the value of your investment. Being able to handle urgent or emergency situations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year will provide comfort to yourself and your tenants, all at no extra cost.


LiveWell Investments has the capability to send electronic invoices to tenants, set up automatic billing cycles and accept rent collections using the tenant’s credit card or eCheck.  Another financial service option for clients includes, assist with online Bill Pay for your mortgage, property taxes, utilities, insurance or other monthly bills. Should our clients choose to utilize the Bill Pay option; your bills will be paid out of your monthly rental monies, in a timely manner and the remaining money will be forwarded on to you. If you have a local bank, LiveWell Investments Property Management will be happy to deposit your monthly income directly to your account.

Once per month you will be sent a full accounting report of your monies. At LiveWell Investments, our statements can be customized to include any information that you would like to see tracked. Your statement will include a monthly total for all income, expenses, and security deposits. In addition, on the same statement you will find a year-to-date total for these items as well. Attached to every monthly statement will be any bills that were paid by our offices for your records.

Our statements will make it a snap for you to walk into your accountant’s office with a comprehensive view of all income and expenses.


Sometimes upon move out, a tenant may owe more money than was collected on their security deposit. Or after a judgment has been entered in an eviction, money still needs to be collected.

LiveWell Investments Property Management can help you with this as well. Rather than send you off to a collections company or other attorneys, we can file and maintain a small claims action on your behalf and then proceed with collection efforts. The cost of collections efforts is 25 % of the amount that is recovered.


Showing your property, processing tenant applications and placing tenants in your property, takes an enormous amount of time and energy. Therefore, LiveWell Investments Property Management charges a rent up fee of ½ of the first month of rent. We will not charge you a monthly management fee, for that specific property, in any month you are charged a rent-up fee.


~ taking all calls about your property and assisting interested parties by answering questions about your home or rental contract

~ scheduling appointments and conducting showings of the property

~ processing applications by verifying rental references, employment, and credit back ground

~ Providing you confirmed references and information so that we can help you choose the best tenant for your unique rental situation.

~ Preparing Rental Agreements that are tailor made for your rental.

Our offices will do all this for only ½ of the first months rent

Full Service Process

July 7, 2010

LiveWell Investments provides a completely integrative real estate investing program; we help investors buy real estate without the worry and hassle of being a “hands on” investor. Investing in real estate from out-or-town is made effortless and affordable with LiveWell Investments, as we provide all the services that a real estate investor looks for in an investment firm. Since we truly value the relationship with each of our clients, it is easy to provide assistance every step of the way for our investors. We focus on customer service and providing value added services, therefore we treat every potential purchase as if we were buying it for our own portfolio.  We will evaluate and scrutinize every detail of the property before purchase to ensure our end client is getting the best return on their investment. 

LiveWell Investments is pioneering the ‘turn-key’ investing process in Peoria, IL.  Through continuous devotion, LiveWell will provide the very best properties and impeccable service to all clients.  Furthermore, we are commitment to building lasting relationships with clients, because our business strives on repeat business and our client’s referral.  LiveWell Investments hopes to become a partner in the success of each client.

And unlike many companies, after the sale is complete, LiveWell Investments continues to assist our investors with the transition from Purchasing to Owning to Profiting! We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week to our clients and will handle all of the services necessary for successful real estate investing.  At LiveWell Investments, Customer Service is truly our #1 priority. 

Join the LiveWell Investments web site and view the real estate properties available for sale today!

What is a ‘Turn Key’ property?

In Short:  It is a hands-off, maintenance free income generating rental.

Once you purchase a property from LiveWell Investments, our work really is just beginning. “Turn-key” to us covers several different areas, specifically:

  • Providing high quality, undervalued properties for the investor
  • Assisting an investor as needed with options for financing, insurance, closing attorney, etc.
  • Rehabbing the property back to a safe, clean, rent-ready condition
  • Marketing your property to secure a qualified tenant in the shortest time possible
  • Handling all tenant screening and day-to-day operations through our property management company

What does Full Service Investment Program mean?

LiveWell Investments will provide high quality, undervalue properties to investors.  Once you purchase the property from LiveWell, our job is really just beginning.  From there, we will assist an investor, as needed, with options for financing, insurance, closing attorney, title companies, ect.  In concert with the closed process, LiveWell will rehab the property back to a safe, clean and rent-ready unit.  Our job doesn’t stop there; we will market your property to secure a qualified tenant in the shortest time possible.  Furthermore, we will also handle all tenant screening and day-to-day operations through our property management company. 

As active investors ourselves, we know what real estate investors are looking for in terms of great deals and even better customer service.  In no way are you required to use our services and you are free to pick and choose which services you may need.  But, we hope you appreciate that if needed, all of those services can be handled for you under one roof with one contact.

Wanted!!! Private Money Lenders

July 5, 2010

To learn more about how to dramatically increase your returns on capital via a safe, highly profitable investing vehicle, enter your information in the form below. You will receive immediate access to a new, cutting edge report titled “How To Increase Yields By Cutting Out The “Bank” Middlemen Via Private Money Lending In 30 Days Or Less.”


July 3, 2010

What is Modern Style?

June 29, 2010

Q: What is Modern Style?

Modern style is clean, streamlined furniture and architecture style from the 1930s, with its roots from the German Bauhaus School of Design and Scandinavian modern design. It’s characterized by polished surfaces, strong geometric shapes and asymmetry. Expansive, unadorned windows marry the interior with the exterior landscape, giving the interior a crisp, clean and comforting design feel.

what the hell!!

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